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When it comes to web design every business has a different need and a different style. With such a large team of designers we will endeavour to find a designer that engages with the subject matter and understands your audience. But we don't just build websites. We offer a full range of services including creating logos, graphics - moving and still, photography, videography, brochure design and rebranding.

Designing the website is just the start of what Harper Visuals can offer you. We can assist with the entire journey. We provide a long term management strategy where we will help you with choosing and buying domains, keeping track of your web host and all of the costings, as well as offer a full stress free management of the site with regular "refresh" updates to ensure all data is up to date. Our service allows you to focus on what you are good at whilst we focus on what we are good at. With Harper Visuals your website will simply enhance your business and not feel like a burden.



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