Our cinematography experts are passionate about all moving image productions. With access to the best equipment and the very best personnel we offer every solution to your video production needs. We can create almost any product including marketing video; website introductions; event coverage; training videos; product advertising and more.

In post production we have many experienced editors using the very latest software to make your products look the very best they can be. We also offer a "multiple edit" option where we can use the same footage to create multiple products including 5 second stings; 30 second trails and full length edits - It's a cost effective way to stretch your budget to the maximum.

Alongside our cinematographers and editors we also have graphic specialists on board that can integrate your logos and graphics into the production work, offering a highly polished look.


Marketing videos

Do it with a video

Marketing your company with a video has become the leading strategy in recent years. With the rapid growth of video on all social media platforms. Your marketing video can not only be used on all social media platforms but on your website; on screens in the work place and spread via e-mail. The same video can be used and ingested in so many ways.


Web site introductions

Creating meaningful content; engaging your clients

Web site introductions are an excellent way to engage your clients and communicate the true meaning of your business. With an engaging 'piece to camera' we will help you convey the most important aspects of your business in the most succinct way. In a digital age society is used to media rich environments. Video introductions is the very best tool your company could use.

Event Coverage

Capture the moment for all to see

We can cover any event with a single or multi-camera approach. We can film installations; conferences; exhibitions; product launches and more. We have extensive experience filming in busy environments and have mastered the art of compressing a lot of information into a manageable video product.


Information and Training

Communicating with factual content with video

Visual aids are essential for communicating messages quickly and efficiently. With nearly 20 years experience as a lecturer, our founder is passionate about communication and teaching. With hundreds of teaching strategies and approaches we will design a bespoke training aid/informative package that conveys your messages with style and efficiency.


Advertising Products

Improve sales and promote your product with a video

Product advertising does not have to cost the earth. Many advertising agencies will charge premium prices for a product shoot. At Harper Visuals we have filmed a large array of products from kitchens to boats, from milk to castles. We work with no restrictions.