Multi-camera shoot at St Pierre


Early September 2019 Harper Visuals set-up in St Pierre Marriott Hotel , Chepstow for a 3 day shoot. The client was CSOUK. They specialise in bringing leaders in sales together in one place to discuss revenue generation. We were asked to document the entire process by filming ALL presentations; workshops; round table events; feedback sessions; testimonials and more.


Our ‘6 man’ team spent 3 days shooting and editing in 4K (UHD). Shooting with predominantly Blackmagic cameras (Ursa Minis and Production cameras) the footage is incredible.


We also shot with DJI Osmo; a handfull of other camera systems and of course the DJI Inspire 1 Pro had to come along too!!

To add to it we had an on-site editor to manage all of the footage and to cut some of it to be used within hours of shooting to help the CSO team to share their news and successes.

Geoff Harper