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Our team contains a diverse range of media enthusiasts, students and professionals. At Harper Visuals we cater for our clients' every need. Sometimes budget is the biggest driving force for our clients and they often ask for students to help with their products to maximise the talents of the next generation whilst keeping within budget. Other clients demand the very best quality of service and look for a "seasoned professional" with years of experience in their creative area. How experienced you are; how old you are and where you live is not an issue when we are choosing our freelancers. What's important to us is your drive and creativity.



When you express an interest in joining our team we will require:

  • A list of your experiences (as detailed as possible)

  • A list of your hobbies and interests (this helps when dealing with diverse clients)

  • A list of work skills and interests. - many media professionals have skills in multiple areas. It is important to give details of work that you wish to be considered for. Be as detailed as possible. Please don't just put web design if you are accomplished with all image manipulation and design. Likewise, you may wish to work as a camera operator but don't forget that if you are a self shooting director you should give details of your post production skills.

  • A detailed list of software knowledge or web provider skills (WordPress/SquareSpace etc.) Perhaps you are an Adobe CC whizz but can't get your head around a particular piece of software - honesty is important.

  • Examples of previous work. This could be a showreel, a personal website, a graphic book, photographic portfolio, a list of completed websites (with URLs) - we want to see what you have achieved to date.

  • Annual fee payable on acceptance.



"So how will I get chosen for work" I hear you ask.

At Harper Visuals HQ all agency members will be held on a very detailed database. The database will include all of the details that you provide when you enlist including your portfolio work. When clients are procured, the company director will approach the most appropriate member of the team and discuss the project. He will give details such as content requirements, deadlines, skills required and of course the money you will receive on completion of the work. When you have completed each project, the products and all raw materials will belong to Harper Visuals and should not be used for any other project (other than showreels/portfolio work etc.)



There are two important things to note - Firstly, all clients will be asked to rate the service and rate your work. - The better you work the better your score will appear on the database. Secondly, you should try and be as honest as you can when providing your details. Everyone will initially try and exaggerate their skills and experiences as it is engrained in everyones brain from a very young age.

If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!
— Richard Branson
If you can DREAM it, you can DO it.
— Walt Disney

Although these are great quotes and very inspirational, but we don't want you to be anything other than truthful and realistic. Many clients are looking for undergraduates that want to start their careers. Some want to use them as they are often young, driven and creative. Others want to feel good about giving a person a start in life. Others simply understand that they can get excellent products from graduates as a cheaper option. Whatever the reason, Harper Visuals will not exploit your situation. Our director Geoff Harper believes in using young creatives and has spent the last 20 years teaching Media Production in colleges and universities. He is passionate about getting more people into the industry.

However, if you have a lot of experience you should shout about it from the roof tops. We have many clients that want experienced creatives working on their products and are willing to pay high tariffs for great work.

The message is simple.

Be honest and true to yourself. You will be noticed for being you
— Geoff Harper
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