At Harper Visuals we offer a wide array of drone services. Our fully qualified drone pilots have vast experience shooting in all types of situations. Some of the services we provide are:

Inspection work – Building inspections, project management, roof inspection, towers, power stations, agricultural land… the list is endless.

Real Estate – trying to sell your property or your land? Showing the boundaries and the shape of the land has rapidly increased our clients chances of gaining a sale.

TV and Film - As a cinematographer with over 20 years experience telling stories Geoff Harper has a passion for aerial footage to establish the scene and drive a narrative forward. His vast experience of shooting on the ground has been transferred to the air.

Travel and Tourism – Castles; beaches; lighthouses parks; woodland; mountains and islands. Our beautiful country always looks spectacular from the air.

Golf Clubs - recently we have worked extensively with golf clubs. Their beautifully manicured courses defined by characteristic bunkers, reens and trees have given us the most spectacular footage.